Ideal Health Clinic Located in San Mateo of Bay Area, Ideal Health is a health clinic providing service in acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic care, and Chinese medicine.
Acupuncture has been used for several millenniums in China, this is a safe alternative to drugs and surgery for stubborn health problems, and is now becoming a respectable medical practice in the United States and many other western countries. Consequently, acupuncture treatments are recognized by a large number of health care systems in California. With a California acupuncturist license, Dr. A.E. Tan has been using her outstanding skills and knowledge in serving patients in the bay area.
Along with traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Tan can offer patients a comprehensive Chinese medical program, and had accomplished some wonderful results.

Acupuncture Expertise: Headache, Insomnia, Women's Healthcare, Stroke Recovery, Allergic Rhinitis, Weight Control, Pain Relief.

For example:
Case 1 – 55-year-old Mr. M has sprained lumbar at work and was sent to the ER immediately. After the surgery, his back pain had made it insufferable to sleep, nor to walk, sit or stand. After one treatment, he was able to sleep at night. Three treatments later, he was able to walk and drive to the clinic for further treatments.
Case 2 – 50-year-old Ms. Y had been in the troubles of waking up around 3 o’clock in the morning and not able to fall back into sleep. After six treatments, she was able to sleep through the night.
Case 3 – 46-year-old Mr. D has tennis elbow symptoms for one year, and it hurt to operate with a mouse on computer. All symptoms were cured after 10 treatments.
Case 4 – Mr. H, 45 years old, suffered pollen allergic rhinitis with non-stop sneezing in the morning. Symptoms are alleviated after two treatments of acupuncture, and he was cured after 10 treatments.
Case 5 – Ms. W, 30 years old, had suffered irregular menstruation for three years. She was cured after taking one month of Chinese medicine.
Case 6 – 50-year-old Ms S has a history of headache suffering for 30 years. At times her neck will hurt as well. After 10 treatments, her headache was ease, and she was cured after 20 treatments.